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A cold beginning of the year

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

 Dear customer, 

Winter has reached our ever-sunny Sicily. With temperatures below the 0 degrees last week companies in the area producing plants have had ample damages to their crops.

Our premises were alsocovered in white and we strove as a company to prevent damage to our  plants, both in the greenhouse and for our motherplants outside.

At FlorAli we have an innovative system in place to prevent our plants from perishing by the night frost: a water irrigation system, counting more than 800 sprinklers, which stops the temperature of our plants from ever dropping below 0 degrees. By continuously spraying the water on the leaves, the energy released in the process of coagulation produces a considerable amount of warmth (80cal/g). This process keeps the temperature constantly around 0, thus keeping the plants alive.


The system requires a continuous stream of water and is only used in case of dire necessity.

 The commitment to continuously innovate and the modern technology of our company has permitted us to avoid considerable damage to our plants production. Temperatures have now gone up again to the typical seasonal average.


All in all, we are able to guarantee the quality of the production of Bouganvillea for the upcoming sales of 2017 and the future to come.